Current Postdoctoral Research Associates

  • Dr. Zhuoyao Wang; research area: Modeling Interdependent Cyberphysical Systems.

Current Students

  • Rezoan Shuvro (MS/PhD, ECE); research area: Probabilistic modeling of cascading failures in power systems.
  • Pankaz Das (PhD, ECE); research area: Reliability and resiliency analysis of heterogeneous multi-layer (coupled) power and communication networks including human factors.
  • Francisco Perez Venegas (PhD, ECE); research area: algorithms for detection and classification of concealed machinery using combined SAR-based imaging and vibrometry.
  • Monica Madrid (PhD, ECE); research area: Classification algorithms for multi-type/sensor data.
  • Cory Larsen (PhD, ECE); research area: Algorithms for SAR-based vibrometry.
  • Manish Bhattarai (MS/PhD, ECE); Algorithms for compressive spectral imaging.
  • Mottaleb Hossain (PhD, OSE); algorithmic multicolor avalanche photodiodes for smart lighting.

Former Students

  • Manish Bhattarai (MS, ECE, Nov. 2017), University of New Mexico, “Algorithm for Computational Imaging on a Real-Time Hardware.
  • Mahdi Zerara (MS, ECE, July 2017) Thesis title: “Projection-based rotation estimation for video stabilization,”
  • Erum Jamil (PhD, OSE, July 2017); Dissertation title: “Analytical modeling and characterization for avalanche photodiodes,”
  • Justin B. Campbell (MS, ECE, August 2016); Thesis title: “Remote Vibration Estimation Using Displaced Phase Center Antenna SAR in a Strong Clutter Environment,”
  • Dr. Zhuoyao Wang (PhD, ECE, 2016); Dissertation title: “Optimizing Cloud-Service Performance: Efficient Resource Provisioning Via Optimal Workload Allocation

  • Dr. Sebastian Godoy (PhD, ECE, 2015), Asst. Professor, ECE Dept., University of Concepcion, Chile, Dissertation title, “Detection Theory for Skin Cancer Diagnosis using Dynamic Thermal Imaging,”

  • Dr. Mahshid Rahnamay-Naeini (PhD 2014), Asst. Professor, EE Dept., University of South Florida, Dissertation title, “Stochastic Dynamics of Cascading Failures in Electric-Cyber Infrastructures.”
  • Dr. Qi Wang (PhD 2012), Cisco (CA), Dissertation title, “Time-frequency Methods for Vibration Estimation Using Synthetic Aperture Radar.”
  • Dr. Woo-Yong (Eric) Jang (PhD 2012), AFRL, Ohio, Dissertation title, “Data Compressive Paradigm for Spectral Sensing and Classification Using Electrically Tunable Detectors.”
  • Dr. David A. Ramirez (PhD 2011), SKInfrared LLC, Albuquerque, NM, Dissertation title, ,“Modeling and Engineering Impact Ionization in Avalanche Photodiodes for Near and Mid Infrared Applications.”
  • Dr. Biliana Paskaleva (MS, PhD 2009), Senior Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, Dissertation title, “Algorithms for Spectral and Spatio-Spectral Feature Selection and Classification for Tunable Sensors: Theory and Application.”
  • Dr. Sagar Dhakal (MS, PhD 2006), Collision Communications (Nashua, NH), Dissertation title, “Stochastic model-based optimization of load balancing policies in distributed systems.”
  • Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon (PhD 2004), Navy Electro-Optic Technology Division, Dissertation title, “Modeling and optimization of heterojunction avalanche photodiodes: Noise, speed and breakdown.”
  • Dr. Bradley M. Ratliff (MS, PhD 2004), Research Professor, University of Dayton Research Institute, Dissertation title, “A generalized algebraic scene-based non-uniformity correction algorithm for infrared focal plane arrays.”
  • Dr. Unal Sakoglu (PhD 2004), Asst. Professor, Texas A&M-Commerce, Dissertation title, “Signal-processing strategies for spectral tuning and chromatic non-uniformity correction for quantum-dot IR sensors.”
  • Dr. Peng Sun (PhD 2008), Western Digital, Dissertation title, “Mathematical Theory of Modern Avalanche Photodiodes and Its Application to Ultrafast Communications.”
  • Dr. Osseini Lankoande (PhD 2006), Instrument Technology Inc. (Westfield, MA), Dissertation title, “A Markov random field-based approach to speckle reduction.”
  • Dr. Guoquan Dong (PhD 2000), Dissertation title, “Channel-coded optical-code-division multiple-access networks.”
  • Dr. Stephen C. Cain (PhD 2001), Professor, Air Force Institute of Technology, Dissertation title, “Improved atmospheric-turbulence tilt estimation through the use of a temporal transition model.”
  • Srikanth Narravula (MS-2009), Thesis title “Information-theoretic Approach in Assessing Image Fidelity in Photon-counting Imagers.”
  • Balaji Narayanan (MS- University of Dayton, Aug. 2002), Thesis title “Coherent detection of optical signals using photon-correlated beams.”
  • Mohammad A. Saleh (MS University of Dayton, Aug. 1999); AFRL, Ohio , Thesis title “Prediction of excess noise factor for thin GaAs and AlGaAs avalanche photodiodes using dead-space-based theory.”
  • M. Sajjad Abdullah (MS University of Dayton, May 2000), Thesis title, “Image estimation using photon-correlated beams.”
  • David Persing (MS University of Dayton, Aug. 1997), Thesis title, “An algorithm for boundary location estimation and detection from ultrasonic B-scan data using a multiple independent transducer architecture.”
  • Alejandro Grine (undergraduate research; Sandia National Labs), Research area: Photodetectors.
  • Alim Haji (undergraduate research), Research area: Photodetectors and optical receivers.

Research Collaborators